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Movement Therapy™ is changing people's lives!

These are just a few of the testimonials we have received that show the positive results that individuals are experiencing when Movement Therapy™ is used.

Movement Therapy™ Your foundation for a healthier life.


    Thomas - FL - Wheelchair bound

  1. BulletReduction in medication

  2. BulletSubstantial improvement in his Flexibility and Range of Motion

  3. BulletWheelchair user is able to transfer by himself because of increased Muscle Tone and Strength.

    Leon - CA - Ambulatory

  1. BulletReduction in pain medication

  2. BulletPrevented a scheduled knee surgery

  3. BulletReduced inflammation in his joints.

    M Long - PA - Wheelchair bound

  1. BulletImprovement in muscle tone

  2. BulletImproved Strength

  3. BulletReduced in pain

  4. BulletReduction in pain medication

  5. BulletReduction of swelling in lower limbs and ankles

  6. BulletImproved bowel elimination.

    Peter - CA - Wheelchair bound

  1. BulletEliminated the need for pain medication, he was taking medication four times a day and because of Movement Therapy™ he no longer needs this medication.

  2. BulletThis elimination of pain medication has also resulted in a large monthly savings.

    Karen - NJ - Wheelchair bound

  1. BulletNo Leg Spasms up to four hours after Movement Therapy™.

    Salena - NY - Wheelchair bound

  1. BulletReduction of swelling lower limbs

  2. BulletBlood pressure medicine reduced by half since using Movement Therapy™.